Transportation and Logistics

OC Global finds solutions to the world’s traffic problems using high-quality traffic planning technology and the reliability and experience that comes from completing more than 200 transportation system projects in 50 countries. One of our major projects was creating a national transportation development plan to help rising Myanmar’s growth.

National Transport Plans / Highway Network Plans / Urban Transport Master Plans / Railway Network System Development Plans / MRT/LRT/BRT Development Plans / Traffic Congestion Mitigation Measures, Analysis / Traffic Management Policies, Plans / Traffic Analysis / Logistics Development Plans / Traffic Safety Measures


OC Global provides not only solutions for urban transportation problems prevalent around the world, but also creates the strategic policies and maintenance plans necessary for national transportation system planning. We implement feasibility studies, such as demand forecast for individual traffic connection facilities and the maintenance and micro problem of traffic phenomenon, using the latest information and communication technology (ICT) with our group companies.


For urban traffic issues, OC Global creates integrated master transportation plans that cover all facets, from financing to legal issues and international arrangement. OC Global has provided the urban traffic master plan for major cities, including Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Colombo, Dar es Salaam, Kinshasa, Abidjan, and Cairo.


OC Global utilizes the latest traffic technology related to big data, image recognition, and probes to model, analyze, and simulate traffic patterns and behavior. Our traffic plans provide solutions not only for today’s problems, but also for future issues that may arise.


Consulting Services

National / Regional Transport System Planning
• Strategic policy planning (inter-urban highways, railways, airports, seaports, inland waterways)
• Inter-modal, multi-modal transport system planning
• Freight transport system planning

Integrated Urban Transport System Planning
• Strategic policy planning (urban road networks, urban expressway networks, public transport networks [railways, new transit (BRT, monorail, AGT, IRL, MRT)], bicycle and pedestrian networks, mobility management (MM), TDM, traffic control)
• Transport surveys (person-trip, roadside / passenger OD, traffic counting with image processing techniques, GPS tracking and probe data)
• Multimodal transport facility development
• Institutional and financial arrangement

Logistics System Planning

Feasibility Studies for Transport Infrastructure (Roads and Bridges, Railways, New Transit Systems [BRT, AGT, Monorail, LRT, MRT], Airports, Ports, Logistics Facilities)
• Demand forecast (passengers, traffic volume, etc.)
• Economic analysis
• Financial analysis including PPP scheme

Advanced Traffic Management System Planning
• Traffic information, navigation and advanced traffic control system development (area-wide traffic signaling systems, road planning)
• Common ticketing system for public transport systems
• Operation and management systems for public transportation

Road Safety Diagnosis and Countermeasures

Transportation / Traffic Simulations (Macroscopic / Microscopic)

Sector projects


Transport master planning and capacity enhancement for the future realization in Kinshasa City, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
OC Global is working towards enhancing the implementation capacity of comprehensive road traffic safety measures by local police.