Operation and Maintenance

In all the sectors in which we work, OC Global can assist clients in developing comprehensive operation and maintenance strategies for new or existing infrastructure to ensure efficient and sustainable service life that improves people’s lives.

The operation and maintenance demands of infrastructure varies considerably with the type of infrastructure. Roads, bridges, tunnels, and similar infrastructure are what we might consider “passive” systems in which service is provided largely by preserving the sound condition of the physical structures and components. Railways, busways, airports, ports, and the like are more dynamic complex systems, where “operation” involves a far greater level of human activity and sophisticated electrical and mechanical machinery operating in a time-sensitive manner in intimate involvement with the users (commuters/passengers, airlines, shipping companies). OC Global can advise and provide technical assistance in multi-disciplinary operation and management plans, manual documentation, and training schemes for clients across all these types of infrastructure.

Service projects

New sewerage system raises Ho Chi Minh’s water quality.
OC Global managed a project to deploy 23 mobile substations that would secure a stable electricity supply — a priority under the Iraq Reconstruction Project.
Jakarta’s first MRT will soon link the capital’s busiest business district to the south of the city.