Urban and Regional Development

OC Global has collaborated with many countries and cities on more than 80 urban and regional planning projects in 40 countries around the world. We also design and manage the implementation stages, targeting areas such as economic growth, social development, poverty reduction, and improving the quality of life, notably in our work for the Qatar National Master Plan 2032.

Urban Planning / Urban Development and Design / Regional Development Planning / National Development Planning / Industrial Development Planning / Special Economic Zone and Industrial Park Development Planning / National Economic Planning / Development Administration and Governance


OC Global’s development plans aim to balance economic development, social development, and environmental considerations, making use of processes such as stakeholder involvement and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), as well as tools such as a Geographic Information System (GIS).


We formulate development scenarios and comprehensive strategies covering various sectors based on the analysis of development potentials, constraints of local resource endowment, and development issues. Our plans are practical, providing answers to specific challenges in each region.


We create better urban settings that meet the growing demand for socioeconomic activities in rapidly urbanizing areas with our use of elements such as development frameworks, land-use plans, redevelopment plans, residential development plans, and industrial area development plans.


Consulting Services

OC Global provides planning services at any scale
• Multi-country regional planning (international corridor development, etc.)
• National planning
• Regional development planning
• Urban / city planning
• District planning

For the plan formulation process, we provide services using cross-sector approaches
• Analyses of development potential and constraints, and development issues
• Setting up of development policies, scenarios, goals, and strategies
• Socioeconomic, spatial frameworks
• Selection of priority projects, programs and project evaluations
• Development administration and institutional, capacity building
• Conducting stakeholder meetings and SEAs
• Formulating implementation plans
• New town development planning
• Land-use planning
• Spatial development plan, urban design guidelines
• Land adjustment, urban redevelopment planning
• Industrial area development planning

Sector projects


OC Global helped Qatar create a national masterplan for future generations.