Corporate Governance


Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. regards compliance as one of its top management priorities to be practiced and reinforced across the Company.

Specifically, each and every one of our officers and employees pledges to make decisions and act in compliance with laws and regulations under the Charter of Corporate Conduct and is required to comply with social norms and all applicable laws and regulations, including labor-related laws and regulations, and prohibited from insider trading, offering illicit advantages, and any other misconduct or improper practices under the Code of Conduct for Officers and Employees in order to ensure thorough compliance throughout the organization.

In addition, for the purpose of ensuring continuity and further reinforcement of our compliance systems, we have established Compliance Management Rules that clearly stipulate the laws, regulations, and other requirements to be observed by all officers and employees and set forth the framework for gathering compliance-related information and implementing countermeasures, including the internal whistleblowing guidelines, by the Compliance Office and the General Manager thereof.

Moreover, considering the world-wide operations of the Company, we have established the Compliance Code and created the Compliance Guide to make certain that not only our officers and employees but also each and every person engaged in any work for the Company, regardless of their contract type or place of work, act in accordance with laws and regulations and with respect to their purposes, such as social requirements, socially accepted ideas, and social ethics.

To ensure rigorous enforcement of the compliance systems, the Compliance Committee—comprised of the Chairperson, the Compliance Committee member of each department, and the Secretariat—is organized within the Board of Directors to gather and provide compliance-related information in and outside the Company and establish basic policies, action plans, etc. The Compliance Office, under the basic policy adopted by the Board each business year, develops a compliance action plan and monitors related activities, the results of which are periodically reported to the Board for review and incorporated in revising the action plan.

Quality Initiatives

At OC Global, we strictly comply with community ethics and the law. We pursue a higher level of customer satisfaction by correctly understanding customers’ expectations and requirements and by always providing the best in intellectual service technologies, information, and solutions.

In order to achieve the objectives of the organization, we understand the following Five Principles of the overall management of our company, and each one of our employees will promote these principles.


Management Principles

1. Customer satisfaction
A customer exists in each and every part of the business internally or externally. The quality of our work has three aspects which are outcome, cost, and schedule, and each aspect is evaluated by the customer. Therefore, to accurately grasp the needs of customers we need to respond to them by investing the management resources we have to check the level of customer satisfaction, and obtain feedback on the results of our work.

At OC Global, we include stakeholders among our “customers.” This means that the customers of a job for which we receive an order are not only the ordering party, but also shareholders, employees, business partners, and the public. A company can never survive without customer satisfaction.

2. Consistency
We ensure consistency among our management philosophy, our vision, OC Global-wide goals, the goals of each office, and the goals of each job. All executive officers, officers, and employees are kept informed of the president’s policies, understand them, and put them into practice.

3. Creating shared awareness
The head of each organization shall be sure to create shared awareness through communications between its members and related people. Shared awareness improves the effectiveness of management and improves the quality of the organization’s activities.

4. Achieving goals
All officers and employees shall clearly specify their goals and implementation plans, and perform based on their goals and plans. They shall ensure a shared awareness among members and have them keep track of their progress. They shall take every possible measure to achieve goals and review plans. They shall detect in advance risks that may hamper the achievement of goals and take the necessary measures. They shall keep developing the abilities of members and improving the way of working, as well as the tools of the profession.

5. Continuous improvement
All officers and employees shall continue to improve their capabilities, the way of working, tools, management, as well as continuous improvement of the system. They shall keep on improving these aspects continuously as the business environment and customer needs keep changing.

ISO Certification

ISO-9001(QMS) certification (MSA-QS-4375)

Quality Policy

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Privacy Policy

OC Global, as a company that provides comprehensive intelligent services about overall social capital improvement, recognizes that protection of personal information and implementation of security measures are its social responsibilities.

OC Global has stipulated the following Privacy Policy and ensures all of its employees and officers to be informed of it and to implement and maintain it appropriately.


1. Collection, use, and provision of personal information
In accordance with its internal rules that are compliant with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, OC Global will clarify the purpose of the collection of personal information it intends to collect and to collect the information by fair, legitimate means, and utilize the information within the scope of the collection purpose. OC Global will not provide any personal information it collected to a third party unless the person has given approval or if providing such information is permitted by laws and regulations.

2. Safety measures for personal information
To prevent loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information, unauthorized access to the information, etc., OC Global will establish information security measures and implement them reliably. When entrusting the processing of personal information to an affiliate or cooperator, OC Global will strictly manage the process by following its internal rules.

3. Observation of laws, regulations, and rules
When handling personal information, OC Global will observe laws, regulations, and other rules, which apply to the protection of the personal information. OC Global will also ensure that its internal rules conform to these laws and other regulations.

Information Security

We place emphasis on information security as a social responsibility of independent consultants who strictly comply with ethics and the law and also on being deeply trusted by society as a company, and to ensure the following.

1. We formulate information security policies based on the establishment of a higher level of information management system than what is deemed as advanced in society and work proactively to operate and enforce the system and to continuously improve its effectiveness.

2. In order to specifically ensure information security we have an information security manager and we established an information security committee. We will also continue to build and operate an internal organizational structure aimed at ensuring information security.

3. All employees shall have the fundamental responsibility to maintain information security. We will thoroughly apply this policy to all employees, and with their understanding and cooperation, we will implement awareness-raising activities and education for putting the policy specifically into practice. We will handle any non-compliance of our information security policies with a strict attitude as an organization and punish the violation appropriately.

4. As a foundation of our information security management system, we separately classify information and manage the information including not only our information assets but also information assets and personal information of our clients and personal information of our employees in an appropriate manner in accordance with its importance.

5.  To observe the information security policies and improve the information security management system continuously, we will continue to review the awareness of the information security policies and the information security management system, including confirmation of how it is operated, as a part of our periodic management reviews.