Energy and Power

OC Global is committed to social development in all corners of the world, and we believe that bringing advances in technology and knowledge in the energy and power sector to developing nations is crucial to raising living standards and eliminating inequality. We have implemented a solar power system in Nicaragua, electrified communities in Mozambique, and redistributed natural gas in Indonesia, among many other projects worldwide.

Power Policy and Planning / Thermal Power Plants / Hydroelectric Power Plants / Renewable Energy / Power Transmission and Distribution Networks / Gas Pipelines / Operation and Maintenance of Power Utilities


As a leading infrastructure consultant, we assist clients such as governments, international organizations and private companies in delivering on their technical needs, including wind power plants, photovoltaic power systems, and power transmission facilities (substations and distribution networks) in developing and emerging countries.

Our experience ranges from the project planning and project formation stage to design, construction supervision, and operational stages.


Consulting Services

Wind Power Plant

• Feasibility studies and master plans

Basic design
• Site wind flow modeling (survey of wind conditions, geology, soil, transmission lines, vibrations, etc.)
• Selection of optimum unit capacity
• Specification of wind turbine generator
• Environmental impact assessments

Supervision and consulting
• Construction supervision of plant construction projects
• Consultation on privatization


Photovoltaic Power Plants

Planning and construction supervision
• Preparatory surveys
• Site assessments for PV potential
• Basic and detailed design, including environmental impact assessments
• Construction supervision


Thermal Power Plants

• Detailed design of all civil, structural, architectural, geotechnical and maritime works

Construction supervision
• Construction planning and construction supervision
• Quality assurance management
• Procurement strategies


Power Transmission and Substations

Basic design, procurement, construction planning, construction supervision


Natural Gas Pipelines

Project management
• Engineering including preparation of bid documents, procurement and construction supervision, environmental assessment and monitoring

Sector projects


OC Global managed a project to deploy 23 mobile substations that would secure a stable electricity supply — a priority under the Iraq Reconstruction Project.
OC Global consulted on pipeline for stabilizing Indonesia’s energy needs.