Smart Cities

OC Global is committed to improve people’s quality of lives by the use of data and technology. In an age where the cities are co-created by its citizens rather than planned by a limited number of professionals, we provide holistic solutions for all city components, from city planning, housing, mobility, energy, waste management, health, governance, learning and more. The word “smart” stands for using big data and technology to continuously improve any sector in need. In OC Global we are incorporating these new technologies into our departments. We are committed to provide smart and integrated solutions to our clients always striving to contribute to the sustainable development of Nations.

Smart Cities, Smart Energies, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility and Connectivity, Smart Health- Care Systems, Smart Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Big Data, Real Time Data, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), MaaS, 5G, Wireless Mesh Network, GIS, BIM, AR, VR, e-money, Biometric, Authentication Technology, Blockchain, Satellite Data, Drone, EV, Connected Car, Waste Recycling, Green Building, Zero Emission


As one of the top infrastructure consulting companies, we understand where the markets are moving and we are going in the same direction.  In OC Global, we have experts from a vast variety of fields such as roads, airports, ports, coastal engineering, agriculture, energy and more. We work proactively in parallel with the market trends to incorporate Smart City components in our majority of projects.

We have been engaged in the development of real time road pavement assessment systems and incident prevention in USA, in Qatar’s City Master Plan preparation in consideration of sustainability and smart growth, in the introduction of ICT tools to support Laos growth, electric vehicles and renewable energies with remote power demand and supply control systems in the Marshall Islands, in the design of a smart campus in Indonesia where we combined eco-friendly design and smart technology components and much more.


Consulting Services

Service Sectors

Smart city planning and development:
Issue identification, visioning, KPIs setting, roadmap development, digital twin, socio-economic analysis, business planning, stakeholder engagement.

Smart energy and environment:
Renewable energy, energy management systems (EMS), smart grids, virtual power plants (VPP), battery systems, smart meters, remote control, smart and green houses, smart waste management systems.

Smart mobility and communication:
Electric Vehicles (EV), hydrogen vehicles, EV charging stations with remote supply and demand control system, remote and real time road pavement assessment system, connected vehicles, automated vehicles, traffic control.

Smart Governance:
Smart poles, face recognition technologies, security enhancement through machine learning, real time disaster prevention information delivery systems

Smart economy:
cashless payment systems and more.

Services Types

Investigation and Study

  • Master Plan
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Technology research
  • Basic planning ( economic performance, environmental impacts, social acceptance)


  • Preliminary and outline designs
  • Basic and detailed designs
  • Technical specifications
  • Contracts and documents


  • Bidding, contract and project administration
  • Procurement of contractors, goods & specialized services
  • Construction supervision and management
  • Project management
  • Monitoring and evaluation studies

Operation and Maintenance

  • Training
  • Institutional strengthening
  • Community development 

Sector projects


OC Global developed the master planning of smart city development in Luang Prabang City, Laos, based on a wide range of services such as issue analysis, stakeholder interviews, and the creation of a vision, direction, and roadmap. This project was the first step of the international cooperation between ASEAN countries and Japan for smart city development.
OC Global provides comprehensive services related to real estate development in Thailand, from the research stage to business planning, finding local partners, facility planning, construction management, and operation. OC Global delivers a variety of supports for our clients’ business developments and enrich "tomorrow" of the people who live and work in Thailand.