Environmental and Social Safeguards

Our expert team of environmental and social scientists are experienced in applying the essential safeguard policies of governments and international funding organizations to protect people and their environment from undue impact during the implementation of infrastructure projects.

The environmental and social risks and potential benefits posed by a project must be identified at the earliest stages of project formulation then translated into measures to avoid or minimize negative impacts and enhance positive impacts. From these earliest stages through project implementation, OC Global recognizes the integral role of environmental and social safeguard policies and processes, and maintains a team of experts in environmental safeguard considerations such as biodiversity; water, air, and soil pollution; noise; and greenhouse gas emissions. Our social scientists are similarly versed in issues such as resettlement, livelihood security, gender equity, and protection of indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities. Our environmental and social experts understand the governing principles and can adapt to the safeguard frameworks of all major international funding bodies, from the preparation of statements of initial environmental effects and assessments of project-affected persons through to administering environmental management and monitoring plans, and monitoring resettlement action and livelihood restoration plans.

Service projects

Modernized port near Manila provides alternative for cargo and passengers.
OC Global has designed and is now managing the construction of new bridges parallel to the existing Kanchpur, Meghna and Gumti bridges and the rehabilitation of the existing bridges.
New airport makes air travel more efficient in Mongolia.