With our expertise across multiple disciplines and sectors, OC Global is the consulting firm of choice in the spheres of urban, transportation, infrastructure, and master planning of cities and regions. We prepare plans that are smart, efficient, community-oriented, and sustainable for future generations.

OC Global has formulated master plans for all forms of development, from physical plans for cities and regions to transportation plans for individual corridors, cities, or entire countries. We address the multiple issues related to mobility, environment, economy, and society faced by human populations throughout the world. We are also experienced in securing the financial resources and establishing the legal framework to proceed with the plan implementation.

Service projects

OC Global developed the master planning of smart city development in Luang Prabang City, Laos, based on a wide range of services such as issue analysis, stakeholder interviews, and the creation of a vision, direction, and roadmap. This project was the first step of the international cooperation between ASEAN countries and Japan for smart city development.
MYT-Plan helps Myanmar’s transport sector add to economic growth.
OC Global provides comprehensive support to strengthen the value chain of locally produced rice