Agriculture and Forestry

For many developing nations, agriculture is the main industry and forests are a key natural resource. OC Global has helped these nations improve their agriculture and manage their forests through the more than 200 projects completed in 61 countries. We tailor our solutions to the various development needs so the inhabitants can use their own power and limited resources in a sustainable manner.

Comprehensive Agricultural, Rural Development Planning / Rural Infrastructure Facilities (Headworks, Storage and Drainage Pump Stations, Irrigation and Drainage Facilities, Farm Field Development, Farm Road) / Farmland Conservation (Countermeasures against Salt Damage, etc.) / Farm Management Improvement / Life Improvement / Farmer Organization Reinforcement / Value Chains (Agricultural Products Processing, Distribution)


OC Global’s team of experts have professional knowledge in diverse areas of expertise. We offer a wide range of consultation services, from development of the production environment through planning and installation of agricultural infrastructure, and area development aiming to enhance the regional economy.

The scope of OC Global is not limited to the development of production environments. Besides disseminating agricultural technology and helping to manage water and soil resources, OC Global also provides solutions for various agricultural issues such as value-addition and marketing. We look into environmental issues such as the degradation and depletion of forestry resources, and the effective allocation of water and soil resources to different sectors, including tourism.


Consulting Services

Rural Development and Resource Management Planning

• Agricultural development planning at the national, regional and local government level
• Comprehensive rural development planning at the national, regional and local government level


Infrastructure Development

• Design and installation of irrigation and drainage facilities
• Design and installation of distribution infrastructure (seed warehouses, product storage, markets, farm roads, etc.)
• Land conservation
• Rural electrification by small-scale hydroelectric power, etc.


Production Support and Value Chain Development

• Planning and supervising dissemination activities for agricultural and fisheries technologies
• Development and introduction of post-harvest technology
• Planning and introduction of participatory water resources management models
• Agricultural and fishery products processing support
• Market research and marketing support
• Rural entrepreneurship support


Strengthening of Administrative Organizations and Community Development

• Proposing of agriculture-related policies
• Planning and implementation of capacity development projects for central and local government organizations
• Institutional design for community organizations, formation and strengthening of community organizations
• Planning and implementation support for participatory development projects


Environmental Protection

• Water resource management plans centered on agriculture, development of soil conservation plans
• Environmental research and impact assessments relating to agriculture and rural development projects

Sector projects


OC Global provides high value-added services that make effective use of natural resources in developing countries. Furthermore, in addition to the promotion of regional industry development, we will accelerate green business that considers the environment and forest conservation.
OC Global provides comprehensive support to strengthen the value chain of locally produced rice