Disaster Recovery and Resilience

OC Global has conducted multidisciplinary planning and policy making for disaster management from the local to national level in many urban and rural areas around the world to help build cities more resilient against disasters. We use the knowledge available in Japan with our extensive experience to help developing nations become safer and to help them recover in times of need.

Urban Disaster Management Planning / Disaster Risk Assessment / Capacity Development of Disaster Management Capacity / Disaster Early Warning System / Disaster Reconstruction Assistance


OC Global has built up advanced expertise for managing multiple types of disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, floods, landslides, and volcanoes. We have been involved in providing solutions for both urban and rural areas with high-risk potentials, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Peru, and Colombia. OC Global is suitably positioned to offer critical know-how to cities and countries to deal with disaster planning.

OC Global also makes use of the abundant knowledge and experience in disaster management available in Japan. OC Global has a strong commitment to maintaining our lead at the forefront of disaster management.

OC Global’s strongest area of specialization is the formulation of master plans for multi-type disaster management. We have developed a strategic framework to reduce vulnerability to disasters. OC Global is also capable of performing consulting services for the total disaster management cycle from prevention and mitigation to rehabilitation and reconstruction. Various projects include seismic diagnosis and retrofitting proposals for buildings and infrastructure, establishing disaster management centers, and developing community-based approaches to preparedness.


Consulting Services

Risk Assessment
• Seismic microzonation
• Hazard and risk mapping

Seismic Diagnosis and Retrofitting Schemes for Buildings and Infrastructure

Master Planning for Disaster Mitigation, Emergency Response, and Restoration

Institutional Planning and Capacity Building for Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation Sector
• Emergency operation plans, standard operating procedure (SOP)
• Exercises and drills


Community-based Approach to Disaster Preparedness
• Creation of disaster map for localities
• Education and training for local inhabitants

Development of Communication and Information Network Systems, Forecasting and Warning Systems

Action Plans
• Area-wide redevelopment
• Improvement of disaster resources such as roads, parks, lifelines, and public buildings
• Establishment of disaster management center
• Disaster damage investigation and formulation of rehabilitation and reconstruction

Sector projects


OC Global is helping Nepal to recover from the deadly 2015 earthquake.