Capacity Building and Training

OC Global excels in providing direct and on-the-job training to the executive officers and staff members of our clients, either as stand-alone activities focusing on specific capabilities or as a comprehensive and integral component of implementing infrastructure projects. Our training is hands-on, applying and instilling best practices from Japan and throughout the world.

Across all the sectors in which we work, OC Global assists our clients to raise their inherent expertise in the technical and organizational aspects of their core mandate, ensuring the sustainability of current and future projects. Leaving behind not only a completed project, but a more capable and professionally equipped client ensures our tangible contribution to the quality of life of the people served for generations to come.

Service projects

Transport master planning and capacity enhancement for the future realization in Kinshasa City, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Rebuilding Cote d’Ivoire to reinvigorate conflict-affected regions.
Maintain Matadi Bridge, constructed about 40 years ago by Japanese ODA.