Feasibility Studies

To determine the viability of projects, large or small, OC Global has the know-how to comprehensively examine the planning, engineering, financial, environmental, and social aspects of individual proposals or multi-faceted competing alternatives.

OC Global is versed in preparing engineering and economic feasibility studies that our clients use to make crucial decisions on the optimal project configuration to meet particular development objectives. After a conceptual solution is proposed, often from planning stage studies, its technical, economic, social, and environmental viability must be examined through exhaustive data collection and analysis, preliminary design development, cost estimation, initial environmental assessment, and identification of the scale of social impact (resettlement, impact on businesses, etc.). Sometimes such studies need to be repeated on multiple sites, routes, or major design alternatives, and the results ranked via a unified comparison matrix. OC Global has performed countless such feasibility studies across all the sectors in which we work, from roads and railways to marine, aviation, and architecture.

Service projects

Nadzab airport will contribute to the enhancement of both domestic and international transportation network
A harmonious integration of rehabilitated quay wall, mangrove breakwater and revetment, and a tidal energy-driven seawater purification system on reclaimed land.
The seawall of Male' Island serves as a protective barrier and the artificial beach on the east coast features several leisure activities.