Recruitment Information
for Mid-Careers

We’re always looking for talented people to join us.

Company name

Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.

Head office location

Tokyo Opera City Tower 9F, 3-20-2, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1409, Japan

Our business

We are providing with consulting services, including project management, planning, studies, design, bid assistance, construction supervision, operation and maintenance, and so forth, targeted specifically at overseas projects in developing countries that are funded mainly by the Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) as well as other international organizations and private funds.

Our service fields range broadly involving:
bridges; tunnels; roads; railways; ports and harbors; airports; water supply and sewerage; asset management; Environmental and Social Considerations related to infrastructure development, including Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) or resettlement; architecture; energy; smart cities; disaster management and recovery support; agriculture and rural development; water resources management; urban and regional planning; transport planning; tourism development planning; natural resource management; climate change measures; peacebuilding; SME and BOP business support; Public-Private Partnership (PPP); real estate development, and SDGs/ESG support.

Open positions

◆Consulting Departments
– Road sector:
Design and construction supervision of roads, tunnels, structures, pavements and hydrology​;​ construction planning and cost estimation​;​ environmental planning​; and​ road asset management/​ ​PPP

​- Railways​ sector:
Planning, design, construction supervision and operation and maintenance of civil engineering​​ for track-based transport, including general railways, subways/urban railways, intercity railways, high-speed railways, LRT, AGT, monorail, etc.​and systems​, such as ​signalling, communication, power, rolling stock, track, operation planning

– Port and harbour sector:
​Studies​, planning, design and construction supervision of port engineering​, including ​soil, structural, coastal, harbour and construction planning

– Airport sector​:
Studies​, planning, design and construction management of airport engineering and airport architecture works

– Water, sewerage and energy sector:

  • ​Studies​, facility planning, design and construction supervision in the power sector (power generation, transmission, distribution and renewable energy);
  • Planning, design and construction supervision of electrical installations in buildings and structures;
  • Water and sewage planning, planning and design of water treatment facilities; and
  • Project management for civil engineering and construction.


– Environmental and Social Considerations related to infrastructure development*, including Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) or resettlement
*Roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, ports, airports, water and sewage, etc.

– Architecture sector:
Architectural planning and design; design of building structures and facilities; and construction supervision of construction works

Tra​nsport​ planning ​and ICT ​sector:
Transport planning; transport modellers (CUBE, VISUM); traffic congestion management; economic and financial analysis; ICT; ITS (Intelligent Transport System); GIS; road signalling and communications; and DX

Urban planning sector:
Urban planning; regional development planning; and industrial development

– Peacebuilding sector:
Peacebuilding; reconstruction assistance; governance; education and development; research and evaluation related to aid policy, etc.

– ​​Agriculture/rural development sector:
Cultivation; logistics; farming; agro-processing; and irrigation and drainage

– Water resources & disaster risk management sector:
Water resources/watershed management; river management/flood control; sediment control; groundwater development; hazard/risk assessment; disaster prevention planning; seismic preparedness and design; building standards/confirmation systems, etc.

– Global environment sector:
Environmental planning (water pollution, coastal management, forests/natural environment management); climate change measures (mitigation and adaptation); green industry development/green business, etc.

– Smart cities and real estate development sector:
Smart city development planning; smart mobility development planning; large-scale property development planning; project management related to smart cities development, such as smartification of urban and rural communities, eco-industrial parks, DX for social infrastructure, renewable energy, smart microgrids, energy saving, utilisation of satellite data, EV buses, environmental monitoring, O&M, etc.

◆Sales Departments
Writing proposals for JICA and government projects; preparation of various documents such as contracts; overseas business promotion; business and operational support for overseas subsidiaries and offices

**For the current vacancies in each sector or position, please contact the recruitment team.

Eligible applicants

  • Experience in various specialised fields related to our business and English language proficiency are both required. *Certificate such as TOEIC score must be submitted.
  • Qualified engineers or architects are welcome.
  • Experience in overseas projects is preferred.

Ideal candidates

We are looking for a person who is able to:

  • Coordinate among and bring together members with different standpoints and values;
  • Exercise leadership to take on projects; and
  • Work with diverse stakeholders and proactively devise new mechanisms and rules.

Work location

Tokyo Head Office / Overseas project sites etc.
*If you wish to be part of our global network while residing outside Japan, please consider applying directly to one of our local subsidiaries or offices.

Working hours

9:00-17:00 (Lunch break: 12:00-13:00)
*Flexible working hours with some core time exemptions


Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)
Public holidays in Japan / the country at work
New Year’s holidays (6 days: 29 Dec – 3 Jan)
Annual Paid Leave (including summer vacation), Refreshment Leave, Congratulatory or Condolence Leave
Childcare Leave, Nursing Care Leave, Sick Leave, etc.


Salary is determined by regulations, taking into account experience and age.
*Overtime allowances and various allowances for overseas business trips .etc. will be paid as accordingly.

Commuting expenses

Fully covered


Contract employee: twice a year (Paid in June and December)
Regular employee: 3 times a year (Paid in June, November, and December)

Pay rise

Once a year

Social insurance

Health insurance, Employee’s pension, Workers’ accident insurance, and Employment insurance


You are eligible for various benefits when you join us:

  • Retirement benefits *Only for regular employees
  • Construction Consultants’ Corporate Pension Fund
  • Recognition for long service contribution and internal awards
  • Extended retirement and post-retirement reemployment schemes, employee shareholding scheme
  • A resident health nurse
  • Partial subsidized accommodation for recreational facilities
  • Sports club discount system
  • Financial support schemes for acquiring qualifications
  • Schemes for accompanying or inviting family members on business trips
  • Working from home scheme

How to apply

Please submit your CV written in the designated format. After screening of the documents, we will contact you with the results.

◆Please download a CV format from here.

◆Submit to:

*1 For non-Japanese applicants, please make sure to note your current level of Japanese language proficiency. 
*2 Please state in the body of the email that you applied having seen the OCG website and indicate your interested department or sector as well. 

◆Selection process:
Document screening -> Interview by responsible departments -> Written examination (short essay) -> Interview by executives

Contact us

E-mail: (Mid-Career Recruitment Team)

  • For those interested in applying for Oriental Consultants India Private Limited (OCI), please send your CV to or visit OC India vacancy details.
  • For those interested in applying for Oriental Consultants Japan Co., Ltd., which is located in Myanmar, please visit here.