Water and Sanitation

OC Global has been creating sustainable solutions to provide clean water and sanitation to countries around the world. We have also prevented deterioration of the environment in major projects at the World Heritage sites of the Danube Delta in Romania and Pantanal Wetland in Brazil.

Water / Wastewater / Solid Waste


We are experienced in engineering services and project management, able to facilitate sustainable waterworks management by strengthening technical, institutional, and financial management capabilities.


Our pollution control measures for rivers, lakes, and seas, together with wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal systems, have helped to prevent deterioration of the environment by human activities. Among our major projects is the largest wastewater treatment plant in Southeast Asia, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Our range of services covers all stages of the water supply, wastewater, and solid waste sector. In addition to engineering services, we undertake soft components such as participatory approaches for rural schemes and advisory services related to privatization. We attach special importance to the involvement of residents in projects as part of an integrated, bottom-up approach to development.


Consulting Services

Water Supply

• Master plans
• Urgent action plans
• Water resource development
• Leakage control / UFW (unaccounted-for water)
• Water quality control

Facilities Design and Construction Management
• Intake systems
• Treatment processes
• Transmission and distribution systems
• Automated systems
• Hydraulic / surge analysis



Planning and Design
• Basin-wide water pollution control
• Long-term sewerage development
• Industrial effluent control
• New sewerage systems including network modeling
• Wastewater and industrial treatment works
• Effluent recycling and reuse for municipal and industrial waste
• Sludge treatment, reuse and disposal
• Rehabilitation and expansion of existing sewerage systems

Management and Consulting
• Supervision and management of sewerage construction projects
• Facility management
• Financial analysis / planning
• Consultations on privatization
• Institutional enforcement of sewerage operations
• Assistance on public hearings


Solid Waste Management

• Master plans
• Reduction / recycling strategy
• Waste collection / transportation
• Intermediate treatment (incineration, composting)
• Sanitary landfill / leachate treatments
• Biogas facility
• Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects

Sector projects


New sewerage system raises Ho Chi Minh’s water quality.
OC Global’s surveys led to new wells, pumps for Djibouti.