Project Management

OC Global provides project management across a diverse range of project scales. We use the latest project management tools to track activity progress with respect to time, budget, quality, and earned value.

We provide project management as a stand-alone service or as an integral part of our larger consulting roles, such as construction supervision or general consultant. OC Global manages projects to ensure that the client’s objectives are met in relation to outputs, time, cost, and quality. We also assist in adjusting the client’s objectives to meet real-world conditions. We follow established strategies, procedures, and practices, with an emphasis on close collaboration with the client and other stakeholders. All OC Global projects are subjected to a rigorous system of quality management that requires a project plan followed by a continuous process of monitoring, reviewing, providing feedback, and taking action.

Service projects

New sewerage system raises Ho Chi Minh’s water quality.
This project targets to rebuild and retrofit schools in the districts severely affected by Nepal Earthquake.
Nadzab airport will contribute to the enhancement of both domestic and international transportation network