A Lab in Africa Combating Infectious Diseases

This project develops facilities and equipment for testing, research Bio Safety Level-2 & 3, and training on infectious diseases.


The National Institute of Research and Biomedical (here after referred to as INRB) is the principal organism of research involved in the biomedical research oriented in the problem of infectious diseases, particular diagnosis of infectious diseases , the promotion of training of researchers and fight against infectious diseases in DRC and in the World.
This Project has the purpose of intensifying efforts in fighting against infectious diseases in DRC and center west Africa by working for the identification of pathogens of medical infectious diseases, basic research, and promotion of the training of health professionals and researchers through expansion and raising of installations and equipment under the Bio Safety Level (BSL)-2 & 3 for the implementation of controls, research and training of INRB.


OC Global provided project management, facility planning, and design, construction supervision work and guidance on operation and maintenance.
The facility consists of the following three parts.
・ Diagnostic and Research Center (BSL-2/ BSL-3)
・ Training Center
・ Clinical Trial Center


The facility was completed in December 2019.
With the completion of this project, it is expected that the expansion of facilities will strengthen measures against infectious diseases in the country and neighboring countries.
Currently, in addition to its function as an infectious disease research and educational facility, it is also a domestic base for measures against COVID-19, which spread around the world shortly after its completion.

DR Congo
Official Title
The Project of Improvement of National Institute for Research and Biomedical
Project Type
Architectural services - education facilities
The Infrastructure Unit, Ministry of Infrastructures, Public Works and Reconstruction
Project Period

2017 – 2020

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Through this project, we are providing “Good Health and Well-being” by improving diagnostic and basic research capabilities for tropical infectious diseases and promoting the development of medical professionals and researchers.