Having been a leader in tourism planning over the past decades, OC Global now focuses on integrating tourism with community development, environmental management, and heritage conservation. One of our major works is a multi-project tourism plan for Jordan using its history and natural resources to attract tourists.

Visitor Centers / Tourism Infrastructure Development / Operation Planning for Tourism Facilities / Tourism Promotion and Marketing / Michi-no-Eki (Japanese Roadside Rest Areas)


OC Global has been a pioneer in tourism planning since it participated in the World Bank-financed Bali Tourism Development Project in 1972. We were the first Japanese consulting firm to take part in an international tourism project. In this landmark project we planned and developed the Nusa Dua beach resort complex, which is now a world-class tourism destination. Since then, OC Global has successfully completed more than 40 tourism projects in various locations of the world.


Design and construction management of accommodations and visitor facilities such as ecolodges, museums, and visitor centers, have been our traditional strength. OC Global also offers services for preparing national and regional master plans, tourism promotion plans, as well as market surveys that provide the basis for the above-mentioned planning activities. Such activities including questionnaires at airports and international borders and group interview surveys to obtain information on the qualitative aspects of tourism markets.


OC Global excels not only in its capability to provide a wide range of services for tourism development, but also in its innovativeness in its approach to tourism planning. Focus has been placed in recent years on developing nature tourism and community-based tourism, in which tourism plays crucial roles in environmental conservation, cultural revitalization, and social development.


Consulting Services

Community-based Tourism Planning
• Eco-museum planning and development with community participation
• Mura-okoshi (village revitalization) and Michi-no-Eki planning for integrating tourism and local product development
• Community development in rural areas
• Capacity building for local tourism organizations

Ecotourism and Heritage Tourism Planning
• Ecotourism and adventure tourism planning
• Environmental management plan with tourism strategies

Visitor Facility Development
• Resort complex design and construction management
• Archaeological park development

Tourism Policy Formulation
• National and regional master planning
• Institutional planning

Market Research and Tourism Promotion
• Visitor surveys
• Tourism promotions and marketing

Feasibility Studies
• Tourism demand forecasts
• Feasibility studies of tourism projects including economic and financial analysis

Sector projects


OC Global designed new facilities to highlight Jordan’s historical and natural riches.
OC Global conducted the Sudurpaschim Integrated Economic and Tourism Development Study