Invigorating the economy of the Nacala Corridor

The renovation and equipment upgrade of Nacala Port aim to improve regional logistics, thereby contributing to economic development and poverty reduction in the Nacala Corridor.


In Mozambique, there are three major commercial ports: Maputo, Beira, and Nacala. Among them, Nacala Port ranks third in terms of cargo handling volume. The port has a deepwater depth of 14 meters and is considered one of the best natural harbors in southeastern Africa. It is also gaining attention for its strategic location in the Indian Ocean trade network.

The Nacala Corridor, which starts from the Nacala Port, has a lot of mineral and agricultural resources, with cargo volume predicted to increase ten times by 2030 than in 2011. However, Nacala Port has a limited area, and the facilities and equipment have become outdated over the past 40 years since its completion.
As a result, the port lacked the capacity to accommodate the expected increase in cargo volume in the future. Additionally, there were challenges regarding inefficient cargo handling processes and safety concerns.

This project, “Nacala Port Development Project Phase I & II”, aims to renovate Nacala Port’s facilities, including dredging, construction of access roads, yard paving, and equipment procurement to enhance cargo handling efficiency. By doing so, it is expected to improve regional logistics and contribute to economic development and poverty reduction in the Nacala Corridor.


OC Global began participating in the Nacala Port projects from the preparatory survey stage*1 and was also involved in the Grant Aid Project*2.

For this project, “Nacala Port Development Project Phase I & II”, OCG served as the main consultant for conducting the Detailed Design and performing the Construction Supervision of; Dredging, Landfill, Reconstruction of North wharf, Container yards, Bypass access road, Gate for container terminal, Widening of entrance road, Rail container terminal, Building works, Utility works, and Container handling equipment.

*1: The Preparatory Survey on Nacala Port Development Project in the Republic of Mozambique (2010-2011)
*2: The Project for Urgent Rehabilitation of Nacala Port Development in the Republic of Mozambique (2012-2015)


– Dredging -14m ACD, Landfill, and Ground Leveling: 250,000 m3
– Environmental Monitoring
– Dredging of Contaminated Soil and Controlled-type Landfill Site: 10,000 m3
– Reconstruction of North Wharf: 400 m
– Container Yard A for RTG: 30,008 m2
– Container Yard B for RTG: 29,159 m2
– Container Yard C for Reachstacker: 15,690 m2
– Container Yard D for Reachstacker: 27,467 m2
– RTG Maintenance Shop Pavement: 810 m2
– Repair Pavement of Road in the Port: 5,338 m2
– Repair of Yard and Road Pavement: 9,662 m2
– Bypass Access Road: 1,100 m
– Gate for Container Terminal
– Widening of Entrance Road: 377 m
– Rail Container Terminal: 5,500 m2
– Removal of Existing Building / Facility
– Building Works
– Utility Works
– Procurement of Quay Gantry Crane (QGC): 2 units
– Procurement of Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane (RTG): 6 units
– Procurement of Tractor and Chassis: 12 units

Official Title
Nacala Port Development Project Phase I & II
Project Type
International Port Development
Ministry of Transport and Communications of Mozambique / JICA Yen loan
Project Period

2014 – 2023

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Improvement of facilities at Nacala Port will contribute to economic development and poverty reduction in the Nacala Corridor, which includes Mozambique as well as Malawi and Zambia.

“Nacala is close to the world markets. It is a deep-sea port, especially now that the government has just completed its rehabilitation and modernization” the President of Mozambique, Filipe Jacinto Nyusi (2022)