July 10, 2024

MOFA Director-General Ishizuki Inspects the Cairo Metro Line 4 Tunnel Construction Site

Cairo, EGYPT – On June 29, 2024, the tunnel construction site of Cairo Metro Line 4, managed by Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. was inspected by Mr. Hideo Ishizuki, Director-General of the International Cooperation Bureau at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA), Mr. Katsunobu Takada, Minister Plenipotentiary, Embassy of Japan in Egypt, and Mr. Ken Kato, Chief Representative of the JICA Egypt Office, among others.

At the construction site:
Front row, center: Mr. Hideo Ishizuki / Director-General of
the International Cooperation Bureau at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Front row, center right: Mr. Katsunobu Takada / Minister Plenipotentiary / Embassy of Japan in Egypt
Second from the left: Mr. Ken Kato / Chief Representative of JICA Egypt Office
Third from the left: Mr. Hiromasa Niimi / First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Egypt
Fourth from the left: Mr. Atsushi Nishikori / Deputy Director of the Railway Division at OC Global

Director-General Ishizuki (front)
receiving an explanation
in the tunnel boring machine control room

Tunnel Construction Site of
Cairo Metro Line 4

In the Greater Cairo Metropolitan Area of Egypt, the infrastructure for roads has struggled to keep up with the rapid population growth and increase in the number of vehicles, leading to challenges, such as chronic traffic congestion and associated air pollution.
The Cairo Metro Line 4 Phase 1 Project addresses this issue through the construction of a subway spanning approximately 19 km from 6th of October City to Fustat City, passing through the Giza Pyramid area, Giza district, and the downstream area of the Nile River. There are also plans to extend it to the New Administration Capital. Upon the completion and opening of Cairo Metro Line 4, it is anticipated that traffic congestion and air pollution in the Giza tourist area will be alleviated. Additionally, it will enable a quick 20-minute commute from central Cairo to the soon-to-be-opened Grand Egyptian Museum and the Giza Pyramids.


OC Global is contributing to the establishment of secure, safe, and efficient infrastructure, while also making a positive impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions in the respective country through railway development.