Employee Stories

Reiko Abe

Executive Officer,

Chairperson of Oriental Consultants India Pvt., Ltd.

Wanted: fellow challenger!

I have been involved in various overseas projects, starting from the Norway Undersea Tunnel Project, Taiwan Shinkansen (bullet train) Project, Qatar National Master Plan Study, Delhi Metro and Bangalore Metro Projects, Kiev Metro Project in the Ukraine, Jakarta Metro, Indonesia and many others.

From 2007 I was involved in large-scale yen loan projects in India as an expert in charge of quality control of underground construction. In India, there are many problems that are unimaginable in Japan. This is exactly why we can show our strength as consultants. Although it is important to complete the project by making full use of technology, it is also our task to convey the importance of not only the technology, but also the maintenance and management.

In addition, although India is rather acquisitive towards new technology, many places are unconcerned about safety management and environmental improvement. Japan is a world-class country for safety and environmental management; we are also responsible for the important task to continue to teach it.

I was appointed to be the President of OC Global India’s office since October 1st, 2014. Isn’t it a rare opportunity for a woman to be the president in this field? In our company, even though there is no precedent, if a person is considered qualified, there is the chance to press forward. I have used this chance to let myself grow.

In India, there are many large-scale projects of roads and energy-related, such as railways. Our Indian subsidiary has been actively hiring hundreds of local engineers for the Dedicated Freight Corridor Project and Ahmedabad Metro, and will soon be recruiting even more for the high speed rail project. It is my honor that I am in charge of leading this organization. Moreover, we shall strive to get new projects and explore new fields. Here in India, the challenges and opportunities are back-to-back. I am looking for fellow challengers who are interested in this large market, India.

How about trying your possibilities with us?