Studies and Investigations

OC Global’s experts are highly skilled practitioners experienced in efficiently identifying and answering the critical questions needed to understand current status and predict future outcomes. We gather, compile, analyze, and present the information necessary for decision makers to formulate effective policies and plan successful projects.

Whether a study is required for master planning, economic and social development, or major infrastructure planning and design, accurate information is crucial to properly answer relevant questions about the status of the domain under consideration. Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, diverse data can then be synthesized to predict potential responses to imposed changes within the domain. OC Global’s multidisciplinary teams of experts skillfully plan the research, gather data and information, and conduct the analyses and modeling necessary to inform decision makers on how to proceed with a given policy or project.

Service projects

OC Global provides comprehensive support to strengthen the value chain of locally produced rice
India's first modern metro rail project, Delhi Metro is one of the most successful urban infrastructure projects in the nation.
OC Global provides high value-added services that make effective use of natural resources in developing countries. Furthermore, in addition to the promotion of regional industry development, we will accelerate green business that considers the environment and forest conservation.