Design Review

OC Global draws on its expertise in design, including knowledge of design codes and standards, to provide independent review of designs from the simplest to the most intricate of engineering solutions.

Independent design review is a crucial component of infrastructure projects to ensure that the primary designer has followed appropriate codes and employed the right calculation methods for the task. OC Global meticulously provides such third-party design verification services. Design review also plays an important role in the contractual obligations of a general consultant, i.e., a consultant who performs multiple services on behalf of a project owner to bring a project from early or basic design stage to completion. Where design work has been performed under a previous contract, the general consultant must review that design and assume responsibility for it through the succeeding stages of project implementation. OC Global has fulfilled the role of general consultant, performing the design review along with other services, in numerous major infrastructure projects around the world.

Service projects

New sewerage system raises Ho Chi Minh’s water quality.
OC Global was mainly engaged to manage the civil engineering works including some building works and carry out the detailed design reviews and tender assistance.
India's first modern metro rail project, Delhi Metro is one of the most successful urban infrastructure projects in the nation.