Water Resource Management

OC Global contributes to the management of the most precious resource on Earth: water. Water is also at the root of disasters such as floods and droughts, and disputes over water also trigger conflicts. We play a role in improving regional development and life in developing countries, from our flood control systems in China to our dam that helped secure drinking water in Macedonia.

Water Resources Development / Water Resources Management / Watershed Management / Comprehensive River Planning / Erosion Control / Flood Management / Observation and Monitoring / Urban Drainage / Multipurpose Dam Facilities / Groundwater Development / Groundwater Pollution Control / Urban Water Supplies / Rural Water Supplies


OC Global is a comprehensive consultant with experts in all fields related to water resources. For example, we use analysis of surface water and groundwater along with appropriate measures by experts in effective water use and water-saving technology to propose water resources development in fields such as agriculture and water supply.


In flood disaster prevention, OC Global has vast experience in implementation and planning, from structural measures such as embankments to non-structural ones such as early warning, evacuation and public awareness systems.


Through a combination of software and hardware, OC Global creates measures that help realize water control and water utilization projects that meet the needs of partner countries, organizations and residents around the world.


Consulting Services

Service Types
• Project formulation
• Studies
• Planning (master plan formulation, feasibility studies)
• Design (basic to detailed)
• Construction management
• Technology transfer
• Capacity development

Service Sector
• Water resources management
• Water resources development
• Groundwater development
• Watershed management
• Flood management
• Sediment management
• Water supply
• Irrigation
• Sewage
• Water quality management
• Erosion control
• Coastal protection
• Forest conservation
• Observation and monitoring

Elemental technology
• Surface water endowment amount evaluation
• Groundwater endowment amount evaluation
• Water demand assessment and prediction
• Climate change impact assessment
• Water balance analysis
• Development-possible amount evaluation
• Hydraulic analysis
• Hydrological analysis
• Hydrological observation
• Flow rate observation
• Water quality analysis
• Hydrogeological analysis
• Ground survey
• River structures design
• Water supply facility design
• Well drilling management
• Remote sensing
• Geographic information system (GIS)
• Public consultation
• Institutional operation and management for watershed / water management

Sector projects


OC Global consulted on multipurpose dam for Macedonia.