Roads, Bridges, and Tunnels

OC Global’s Road Transport Division has more than 50 years of experience in all phases of road construction, from preliminary designs to completion. Our major works include the Suez Canal Bridge, a bypass highway outside Colombo in Sri Lanka, and road and bridge work in Bangladesh that involved refurbishment and new construction.

Expressways (Exits, Junctions, Service Areas, Toll Gates) / Toll Roads / Ring Roads / Bypasses / Local Roads / Pavement / Traffic Safety / ITS / Operation and Maintenance and Management / Asset Management / Michi-no-Eki (Japanese Roadside Rest Areas) / Open-Cut Method / NATM / TBM / Tunneling Shields / Immersed Method / Designing of Tunnels and Underground Structures / Long/Large Bridges (Suspension Bridges, Cable-Stayed Bridges) / Continuous Viaduct Bridges (Overpass) / Steel Bridges (Arched Bridges, Trussed Bridges, Plate-Girder Bridges, Box-Girder Bridges) / PC Bridges (Extradosed Bridges, Box-Girder Bridges, Hollow Bridges) / Flyover Bridges / Pedestrian Decks / Pedestrian Crossing Bridges


Our expert teams include transport planners, highway planners, civil and structural engineers including bridge and underground engineers and landscape architects. During the planning and design process, they work closely with our environmental and social consideration experts to make sure the projects harmonize with local needs.


The range of our services spans the conventional to the most advanced technologies. Our services can be provided as a package to correspond to the multiple tasks required of project implementation.


All these attributes allow OC Global to deliver the highest levels of quality and safety covering all types and scales of projects. We aim to be the consultant of choice, providing safe, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.


Consulting Services

Highways / Expressways / Urban and Rural Roads / Operation and Maintenance Support
Road transportation is a key component of transportation infrastructure. OC Global provides optimal solutions, taking into account a cost-effective balance between construction and operational costs, while seeking to limit negative impacts to the society, environment and climate.

Bridge Construction / Rehabilitation / Maintenance Support
OC Global has been involved in many bridge projects around the world, from the world’s longest spans to unique pedestrian crossings. Our experts provide advance techniques and innovations to design some of the notable bridges around the world.

Development of Tunnels / Underground / Undersea / Underpass Structures
Construction of tunnels and underground structures are part of a complex process that needs affiliated services, including safety audits, risk management and assessments. OC Global has extensive experience in immersed tunnels around the world. Our activities are expanding to the engineering of tunnels in mountainous areas and undersea, as well as other underground infrastructures, anywhere on Earth.

Sector projects


Spanning one of the world’s vital waterways, the Suez Canal Bridge links Africa and Asia.
Improve access from Bandaranaike International Airport to and from the Port of Colombo and the capital city of Colombo.