October 24, 2018

OC Global to Lead Project for Bridge Replacement in Nicaragua

Managua, October 24, 2018. OC Global today signed a contract with Nicaragua’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MTI). The contract is to provide consulting services for the project to replace four bridges and build access roads between Rio Blanco and Siuna along National Highway Number 21B. The highway connects the capital Managua and the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region (RACCN).

OC Global is leading a consortium  with Nicaraguan firm PROYEDSA, and together they will undertake studies and designs, assist the Ministry with tendering for construction contractors, and then manage the construction.

Signing the contract on behalf of MTI, General (ret.) Óscar Mojica, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said, “The existing bridges no longer have the capacity to absorb the intensification of cargo and passenger traffic on the Rio Blanco – Siuna highway, so the government of Japan has granted the financial facilities for the construction of these bridges. The project will have a great impact on the national economy, and Japan’s cooperation is appreciated.”

The Japanese ODA loan for this project is the first in Latin America under the Special Terms for Economic Partnership (STEP) scheme administered by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). This scheme aims to promote the visibility of Japanese aid through the transfer of outstanding Japanese technology and expertise to developing nations


Mr Ryohei Ishii of OC Global (L) and Mr. Minister Mojica shake hands after signing the contract