January 15, 2024

OC Global conducted safety measures practical training

On December 18, 2023, Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. (OC Global) conducted a “Safety Measures Practical Training” for the employees who are scheduled for overseas travel. To ensure the safety of employees and stakeholders operating overseas, OC Global has established a Security Management Office, which is directly overseen by the President and aims to address risks such as terrorism, natural disasters, conflicts, pandemics, and criminal activities or civil unrest.
Safety management seminars (classroom sessions) are regularly conducted as part of the activities of the Security Management Office, and employees traveling abroad are required to attend at least one session. For this training session, Security Management Office Chief Yasuhiro Shimonuri, who has experience in the Self-Defense Forces, served as the instructor. Attended by 12 employees, the training combined classroom learning with practical exercises.

Mr.Yasuhiro Shimonuri/
General Manager
Security Management Office

Training for Encounters with Riots

Explanation of Hemostasis Techniques

In the training, practical exercises were conducted to provide the knowledge necessary to ‘protect oneself,’ including guidelines for dealing with robberies, explosions, and gunfire encounters, live demonstrations, and hands-on training for knife attacks, as well as practical applications of hemostasis techniques and patient transport.


OC Global will support peace and security in all countries and regions through international cooperation and other means to build capacity at all levels for the prevention of violence and the eradication of terrorism and crime.