February 8, 2024

Published in the international academic journal “Transport Research Procedia”

The findings from the research conducted by the Transport Planning & ICT Department of the Planning Division of Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. (OC Global) have been published in the international academic journal “Transport Research Procedia.”

【Related Link】Published article:https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352146523013194

Transportation Research Procedia

The system for home visit survey application
using mobile devices developed by OC Global

“Transportation Research Procedia,” an international academic journal that started publication in 2010, is dedicated to a wide range of research in the field of transportation, including traffic models, transportation surveys, and analytical methods. Researchers from around the world, government agencies, public transportation and logistics providers, consultants, and others contribute to this open-access journal.
The paper authored by our company is titled “Practical benefits and lessons in adapting mobile applications to household travel surveys in developing countries.” It systematically summarizes the practical benefits and lessons from the perspective of implementing mobile applications in household travel surveys, such as personal trip surveys, in urban areas of developing countries.


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