February 6, 2024

OC Global Port Dept, Mr. Dong and Mr. Mizuno present at GEOTEC HANOI 2023 And Dong receives the Best Presenter award

On December 14-15, 2023, Mr. Le Phuong Dong and Mr. Ryota Mizuno from the Port Department of Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd. (OC Global) participated in the 5th Hanoi International Geotechnical Engineering Conference (GEOTEC HANOI 2023) held at the National Convention Center in Hanoi, Vietnam. Mr. Dong was selected as the Best Presenter in the Ground Improvement session out of a total of 40 presented papers.
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Presentation by Mr. Ryota Mizuno / OC Global

Presentation by Mr. Le Phuong Dong

Screen displaying of Mr. Dong’s
Best oral presentation award

Group photo with the Best Presenters
The leftmost: Dr. Marc Ballouz, President of the International
Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering.
Second from the right :Mr. Le Phuong Dong / OC Global

GEOTEC HANOI, the Hanoi International Geotechnical Engineering Conference, is an international conference with the theme of geotechnical engineering technology for sustainable infrastructure development. It is organized by FECON Corporation, the Vietnam Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (VSSMGE), the Japan Geotechnical Society, Hanoi University of Water Resources (DHTL), and the Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI). The conference had its first edition in 2011 and the recent event marked its fifth edition. This international conference is well-known not only in Vietnam but also internationally for the high quality of presentations and its large-scale organization. GEOTEC HANOI 2023 was participated by approximately 1,000 geotechnical engineers from around 40 countries and featured 208 technical papers.

Our company presented a total of four papers, including co-authored papers. In the Ground Improvement session, Mr. Dong delivered a presentation titled ‘Design and lesson-learnt of the eco-friendly bamboo pile foundation in soft soil – A case study in Patimban deep seaport.’ The presentation discussed the traditional Indonesian method of using bamboo piles and bamboo mats, which were employed as a ground improvement technique in the ongoing ‘Patimban Port Development Project’ in Indonesia. In the Deep Foundations session, Mizuno presented a paper titled ‘Design challenges of large diameter and long steel pipe pile in high plasticity clay at Patimban Port Development Project.’ The presentation focused on the design aspects of large-diameter and long friction piles in highly plastic clay layers at the same ‘Patimban Port Development Project.


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