June 10, 2024

OC Global Holds Project Manager Training Promoting New Businesses and Strengthening Competitiveness

Tokyo, JAPAN – Oriental Consultants Global held project manager (PM) training sessions on May 30th and 31st, 2024. This training is an internal training program held annually for PMs, and this year it was held in a hybrid format combining Tokyo Opera City Tower meeting rooms and the web, with approximately 250 people from Japan and overseas participating over the two days.


Opening Remarks
President and CEO: Mr. Eiji Yonezawa

This year’s theme was to “Promote new businesses and strengthen competitiveness”. In addition to the introduction of new businesses currently being worked on by the Business Incubation Department, which was established in October last year, the Business Promotion Department proposed measures to strengthen the competitiveness of proposals and exchanged opinions with the participating PMs.