April 17, 2024

Interview with OC Global Advisor Masaki Tatsumi featured in Cabinet Office Public Relations Magazine “Highlighting Japan”

In the March 2024 issue of the Cabinet Office Public Relations Magazine “Highlighting Japan,” an interview featuring OC Global Advisor Mr. Masaki Tatsumi, discussing the Matadi Bridge Conservation Plan and Maintenance Capability Enhancement Project, has been published.

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Technology Inherited from Japan Supports the Maintenance of the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Matadi Bridge

Panoramic view of the Matadi Bridge

The Matadi Bridge, a road-rail suspension bridge in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is the only bridge spanning the Congo River and serves as a vital transportation link connecting the capital, Kinshasa. It is indispensable for the surrounding residents as well. In May 2023, it celebrated its 40th anniversary since completion.

Initially, Japanese personnel resided as the President of the Office des Equipements du Bas-Congo (OEBK), where they implemented technology transfer for maintenance and management. However, due to political instability, assistance from Japan was suspended. Nevertheless, OEBK staff, who learned suspension bridge construction and maintenance techniques from Japanese engineers, continued to maintain and inspect the bridge daily, despite facing various challenges such as: insufficient funds, difficulty in material procurement, lack of understanding of the necessity for maintenance in society, inadequate technology and experience, personnel influenced by power struggles, and “brain drain” due to internal and neighboring conflicts.

In 2012, assistance from Japan resumed, and advanced corrosion prevention technology for the main cables, developed by the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Authority, was introduced to extend the life of the Matadi Bridge and ensure advanced maintenance. The bridge has been continuously maintained with the latest technology. It received the Infrastructure Maintenance Project Award from the Japan Society of Civil Engineers in 2023, as a successful case of technology transfer from Japan in maintenance and management.


OC Global supports the longer and safer usage of the country’s infrastructure by transferring repair technologies for existing infrastructure, while simultaneously conveying the importance of maintenance and management (SDG 12).