April 3, 2024

OC Global Held Entrance Ceremony for 2024’s New Employees

Tokyo, JAPAN – Oriental Consultants Global Co., Inc.  held its entrance ceremony on April 1, 2024, at its Tokyo headquarters. This year, OC Global welcomes eight new employees.

OC Global President and CEO Mr. Eiji Yonezawa directly addressed the new hires:

“The driving force of OC Global is its ‘human capital.’ I extend a heartfelt welcome to all new employees and hope that you will quickly grow and thrive in the vast field of the expanding world.

While our daily tasks may sometimes come with challenges, it is crucial to always have a clear sense of purpose and goals, value harmony with those around you, and strive for self-improvement every day. I encourage you to leverage your youthful imagination, embrace challenges in all endeavors, and achieve self-realization through international and social contributions.”

Speech by Eiji Yonezawa/CEO, President

Appointment Ceremony