March 27, 2024

OC Global Security Management Office conducted “Bangladesh Security Patrols”

On 17-26 February 2024, Oriental Consultants Global Co., Ltd.  conducted “Local Security Patrols,” focusing on the ongoing projects in Bangladesh.

Evaluate the defense lines of overseas offices.

Safety seminar for local staff.

Instructing the security arrangements at the site.

Providing guidance on the security arrangements at the site.

To ensure the safety of its employees and stakeholders operating overseas, OC Global has established a Security Management Office, which is directly under the President’s authority. The office address risks such as terrorism, natural disasters, conflicts, pandemics, crime, and riots. The “Local Security Patrols” are conducted periodically as part of the activities of the Security Management Office. Among its functions include performing safety assessments related to overseas offices and accommodation facilities and conducting reviews of the overall crisis response system. In the recent “Local Security Patrols,” Mr. Yasuhiro Shimonuri, the General Manager of the Security Management Office, who has experience in embassy security operations, toured the area. Mr. Shimonuri conducted safety seminars and provided feedback to project stakeholders, including evaluating various risks, assessing defense lines, and discussing measures and responses in case of emergencies.


OC Global supports peace and security in all countries and regions through international cooperation to build capabilities at every level for the prevention of violence and the eradication of terrorism and crime.