State-of-the-art maintenance technology in long span suspension Matadi Bridg

Maintain Matadi Bridge, constructed about 40 years ago by Japanese ODA.


The 722m long Matadi Bridge, a road and rail suspension bridge that is the only bridge that crosses the Congo River and connects Banana Port and Boma Port to the capital city of Kinshasa, was inaugurated in May 1983. The bridge is not only a critical transportation hub but also indispensable for the surrounding residents.

In 2009, the first repainting work was completed, overcoming various economic and political obstacles after 26 years since the opening the bridge. The next repainting is expected to be done in 2035.

The Project under a JICA study carried out in June 2011 found 2m long rusted-through openings in both upstream and downstream main cables, which would have negatively impacted the working condition and life span of the bridge.

To resolve this issue, cutting-edge maintenance technology for long span suspension bridges was decided to be applied in the Matadi Bridge: a dehumidification system.


The main services of the Project were:
・To conduct visual investigation of the main cable since its opening
・To design a dehumidification system for the main cable and chambers of anchorage
・To assist the tender stage (Tender Assistance)
・To supervise the installation work of the dehumidification system.
These services were carried out in close coordination with OEBK’s engineers and management staff, in order to fully grasp the bridge conditions and properly plan out the countermeasure and system needed for the Matadi Bridge.


The Project successfully introduced and installed the dehumidification system of the main cable and chambers of anchorage, to prevent the rust processing occurring inside the cables.

The technology transfer was also implemented to OEBK’s young engineers to operate and maintain the overall maintenance system of the Matadi Bridge, to secure its safety and life span extension.


Official Title
Project Type
Bridge Operation and Maintenance
The Organization for Equipment between Banana and Kinshasa (OEBK)/ JICA Grant Aid
Project Period

2014 – 2017

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

By providing cutting-edge technologies in bridge maintenance, the project directly contributes to Target 9.

“Touch the bridge every day, take good care of the bridge, like the bridge, give love into the bridge and keep the action with the will to be going to inspect the bridge” by Operation and Maintenance Expert of Matadi Bridge"