Effort to Maintain the First Cebu-Mactan Bridge

OC Global led the condition survey and rehabilitation work of the first Cebu-Mactan Bridge in the Philippines


The First Cebu-Mactan Bridge, also known as the “Serging Veloso Osmeña Jr. Bridge”, is an 860m-long steel truss bridge across the Mactan channel between Cebu island and Mactan island in the Philippines. It has been 50 years since its completion in 1973.

In this Project, to serve as a basis for development of future operation and maintenance policy of the bridge, a detailed condition survey of the bridge was carried out and rehabilitation works were undertaken according to the survey results.



OC Global led the detailed condition survey of the bridge under a JICA Study, and suggested rehabilitation works that were urgently required. As requested by DPWH, OC Global supervised the rehabilitation works of the bridge as carried out by a local contractor.

1. Condition Survey
– Close-up visual observation (steel members and deck slab)
– Measurement of steel member thickness and dimensions
– Non-destructive testing, such as Magneti Particle Test
– Coring of the pier concrete and laboratory tests (Compression test, Carbonation test, Chloride content, etc.)
– Stress and stress frequency measurement
– Suggestions and reporting

2. Supervision of Rehabilitation Works



As a result of the condition survey, a critical crack on a main steel member was found and the crack was successfully repaired.


Official Title
Project Type
Bridge Operation and Maintenance
Condition Survey : JICA/JICA Rehabilitation Work : Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) / Government of the Philippines
Services Provided
Project Period

August 2022 – June 2023

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

By providing cutting-edge technologies in bridge maintenance, the project directly contributes to Target 9.