New Motivation Development for Colombo, Sri Lanka

Improve access from Bandaranaike International Airport to and from the Port of Colombo and the capital city of Colombo.


The old Kelani Bridge connects the Capital Colombo, Bandaranaike International airport, and Colombo Port, which was under daily chronic traffic congestion. This heavy traffic volume adversely affected the lifespan of the existing Kelani Bridge as well as hampered the economic development of the capital Colombo, the main gateway of Sri Lanka.

Under the financial assistance from the Government of Japan, the Ministry of Highways and Investment Promotion of Sri Lanka decided to construct a new bridge adjoining the existing Kelani Bridge, interchanges and elevated road to extensively resolve to existing issues.

The project consisted of 2 packages:
Package 1: Steel Bridge Section included the construction of Steel Box Girders with Composite Slab at Main Line, Port Access Road, Interchanges and Junction, and Improvement of at-grade Roads.
Package 2: Extradosed Bridge Section included the construction of extradosed main bridge, PC Box Girder at Approach Bridges

Furthermore, the design and construction of both extradosed bridge and steel box girder with Composite Slab were all firstly introduced in Sri Lanka.




OC Global participated in the formulation and provided the valuable engineering solutions for the project, from the feasibility study under a JICA Study in 2013 to detailed design, tender assistance and construction supervision, all as the leading firm of the consulting joint venture.

During the later phase, the following activities were carried out:
・Detailed Design
・Tender Assistance
・Construction Supervision
・Technology Transfer
・Guidance on Operation and Maintenance Measures
・Consideration of safeguards
・HIV / AIDS Prevention Activities
・Consideration of Safety
・Dispute Board Assistance
・Defects Liability Period



The project successfully accomplished the following components on schedule.
Main Bridge: Extradosed Bridge (6 lanes, L= 380m)
Approach Bridge: PC Box Girder (6 lanes, L= 460m) & PC Box Girder (5 lanes, L=165m)
Main Line: Steel Box Girder Bridge with Composite Slab (4 lanes, L =425m)
Port Access Road: Steel Box Gider Bridge with Composite Slab (4 lanes, L=497m)
Orugodawatta Interchange: Steel Box Girder Bridge with Composite Slab (L = 259m)
Ingurukade Interchange: Steel Box Girder Bridge with Composite Slab (L = 330m)
Kelanittisa Junction: Steel Box Girder Bridge with Composite Slab (L = 1,024m)


Official Title
Project Type
Detailed Design, Tender Assistance and Construction Supervision
Road Development Authority (RDA) of the Ministry of Highways, Ports and Shipping / JICA Fund
Project Period

2015 – 2021

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

By providing cutting-edge technologies in design and construction, the project directly contributes to Target 9.

“The extradosed design enabled the bridge to have the widest span without piers in any bridge in Sri Lanka. As no piers need to be constructed on the riverbed, there is no impact to the water flow or ecology of the river itself. The steel box girder technology enabled the viaduct section to be constructed with narrower curves to optimize space, and quicker construction to optimize resources with minimum disruption to traffic.” Press release by the Ministry of Highways