Stabilizing Mozambique’s Grid

OC Global created a system to stabilize power in the north of Mozambique.


Help Mozambique meet rising power demand by reinforcing transmission network

Rapid increases in power demand in Mozambique were being driven by economic growth. However, in northern Mozambique, the electrification ratio in 2012 stood at approximately 10%, despite high potential power demand, particularly along the Nacala Corridor linking the center of the country to the strategically important Nacala Port. Further, a shortage of substations and deterioration of the old existing substations was a bottleneck to sufficient and stable power supply in this region.

To address the inadequacy of the electric power distribution network in the Nacala Corridor, the Japanese and Mozambique governments agreed to apply Japan’s grant aid system to the problem.

OC Global was engaged to carry out a preparatory survey for the project.


OC Global conducted studies on the organization structure both in the construction and operation and maintenance phases, site surveys, and power flow analysis. We were also involved in the basic design, environmental and social considerations study, operation and maintenance plan, project cost estimate, evaluation of the effectiveness of the project, and a preparatory survey report.


As a result of the survey, OC Global identified the following three project components that JICA could take up for implementation as grant aid or loan projects:

  • A new Namialo substation
    An output of the survey was the basic design for this new substation considering future power demand, maintainability, and plans for future reinforcement of the transmission network.
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system
    We prepared a basic design for a new SCADA system for the planned northern grid, taking into consideration easy operation, maintainability, and compatibility with the existing SCADA system.
  • Distribution transformers in non-electrified communities along the Nacala Corridor
    As part of the survey, our project team selected a number of non-electrified communities to be provided with distribution transformers along the Nacala Corridor taking into consideration the necessity, urgency, and effectiveness of the transformers based on surveys.
Official Title
Preparatory Survey on The Project for Reinforcement of Transmission Network in Nacala Corridor
Project Type
Substation development
The Republic of Mozambique, Japan International Cooperation Agency
Project Period

2014 – 2015

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Project aims to make the life of people in Northern Mozambique 'brighter' by ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services

“The rate of access to electricity among the population is still very low with a national average of 27% — 82% for urban areas and 1% for rural areas,”
Mozambique's publicly owned electricity company Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) Chairman and CEO Mateus Magala (2018)