Re-electrifying Iraq

OC Global managed a project to deploy 23 mobile substations that would secure a stable electricity supply — a priority under the Iraq Reconstruction Project.


Re-stabilize Iraq’s electricity supply by providing mobile substations until permanent 132 kV substations could be reconstructed.

The 2003 invasion of Iraq and subsequent period of guerilla warfare led to the extensive destruction of infrastructure in every sector. In 2004 the Government of Japan pledged grant aid assistance totaling US $1.5 billion for immediate reconstruction needs (the Iraq Reconstruction Project). A priority project of the Iraq Reconstruction Project was to assist the Ministry of Electricity (MOE) in Iraq to deploy 23 mobile substations to replace or augment the existing 132 kV substations located in Baghdad and provincial centers.


OC Global was engaged to implement the project on behalf of the Japanese government. We employed local consultants to complete site investigations, managed all aspects of EPC tendering, reviewed and approved the contractor’s designs, performed or approved factory inspections, and supervised the transport of the substations as well as the contractor’s commissioning and training of MOE engineers. An intrinsic part of the services at all times was gathering and analyzing information on the security situation in Iraq to advise all concerned parties and take appropriate measures.


The project resulted in the installation of 13 sets of 132/33 kV 25 MVA and 10 sets of 132/11 kV 25 MVA mobile substations. Surplus funds were used to extend the project to procure spare parts, including two sets each of 132/33 kV and 132/11 kV transformers, four sets of 75 kVA auxiliary and earthing transformers, as well as other assorted spare parts.

Official Title
The Project for Installation of Mobile Substations in Iraq
Project Type
Emergency power grid repair
Japan International Cooperation System (JICS)
Project Period

2004 – 2009

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Stable energy supply is critical to rebuild after a war. OC Global managed to deploy mobile substations ensuring universal access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy services

“[the post-war environment presented] an unprecedented challenge for us to transport equipment/supplies and construct facilities amidst many terrorist attacks … A virtue of Japanese enterprises is a sense of responsibility to complete a contract that has been concluded.”
Hideki Matsunaga, March 19, 2013, Chief Representative of the JICA Egypt Office and formerly UNDP Iraq Office, 2003–2005 and Director of JBIC’s Middle East Division II, Middle East and Europe Department, 2005–2011