Thailand Real Estate Related Service

OC Global provides comprehensive services related to real estate development in Thailand, from the research stage to business planning, finding local partners, facility planning, construction management, and operation. OC Global delivers a variety of supports for our clients’ business developments and enrich "tomorrow" of the people who live and work in Thailand.

Our Values

What is our common and immutable value as OC Global, which has grown up together with the countries and the communities all over the world, and OC Thailand, which took root in Thailand and has deepened its relationship with the local community?


OC Global, a global engineering consultancy, delivers total managements in diverse fields of real estate sectors in Thailand.
Overseas real estate and construction projects tend to face many difficulties unique to each country, such as risks associated with land acquisition, construction quality control, local customs, and foreign investment regulations.
In order to maximize the client’s business opportunities and minimize risks while leading an overseas business to success, it is effective to involve experts who are familiar with the local situations from the early stages of the project planning.
OC Global provides comprehensive support for our clients’ business development in Thailand, from the research stage to business planning, finding local partners, facility planning, construction management, and operation, through the synergy between our extensive knowledge accumulated overseas and the extensive local network of OC Thailand.

Consulting Services

1. Research

  • Socioeconomic Research
  • Policy Investigation(i.e. Foreign Investment Promoting Policies, Urban Development Policy)
  • Market Research
  • Area-Specific AnalysisCompetitor Research
  • Trend Analysis

2.Business Business / Concept Development

  • Market Examination
  • Business Concept Development
  • Feasibility Study
  • Earning/Return Investigation
  • Development Site Selection Support

3. Finding Local Partner / Collaboration Support

  • Selection and Introduction of Potential Local Partners
  • Business Set-Up/Negotiation Support
  • Support of Forming Joint Ventures

4. Facility Planning / Design

  • Master Planning
  • Design Concept Development
  • Product/Facilities Planning
  • Traffic Study/Mobility Management
  • Conceptual Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Quantity Surveying/Cost Estimation
  • Bid Document Preparation
  • Approval and Licensing Support(i.e. BOI, IEAT, EIA, AIP)
  • Landscaping
  • Interior Design

5. Procurement Assistance / Construction management

  • Project Office Operation Support
  • Contractor Procurement Support
  • Construction Management
  • Customs Procedures Support
  • Assistance for International Procurement/ Installing of
  • Equipment

6. Property Management / Exit strategy

  • Property management (PM)
  • Building Management (BM)
  • Town Management/Area Management
  • Branding
  • Facilities Management(FM)
  • Renovation
  • Exit Strategy


More information about this service is available on the corporate website of OC Thailand, our local subsidiary in Thailand.

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