Emergency School Reconstruction Project

This project targets to rebuild and retrofit schools in the districts severely affected by Nepal Earthquake.


On April 25, 2015, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck northwest of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. More than 31,000 classrooms demolished or heavily damaged and another 16,700 classrooms suffering damages in the earthquake.
Given these circumstances, the Emergency School Reconstruction Project (ESRP) of JICA had provided reconstruction, retrofit and repair earthquake-resistant schools and related facilities in 6 districts that suffered particularly severe damage. The education environment will be improved with earthquake-resistant schools, thereby contributing to sustainable socioeconomic development in the region through the Build Back Better (BBB) concept which is the guiding principle to use a disaster as a chance to rebuild resilient society.


Patan Secondary School


Namuna Machhindra Secondary School


Oriental Consultants Global was engaged to provide Project Management, School Selection, Detailed Design (188 Type Design and 3 Specific Design), Tender Assistance, and Construction Supervision.

Site Visit


Patan Secondary School Handover Ceremony


All of 274 schools in 6 districts had been designed based on Build Back Better (BBB) concept as shown below.

  • All schools has been designed the reinforced concrete structure which has superior earthquake resistance.
  • The structural design criteria for schools buildings was prepared to consider possible disasters not only earthquake but also typhoon, flood, fire, landslide.
  • This Project has also been considered Build Back Better (BBB) concept in terms of facility planning such as classroom type design, flush toilet and wheelchair accessible restroom.
  • 1 School for the blind students with the dormitory was considered their accessibility.

Early Childhood Development Room, Patan Secondary School


Science Room, Patan Secondary School

Computer Room, Patan Secondary School

Blind School Building of Namuna Machhindra Secondary School

Patan Secondary School

Emergency School Reconstruction Project
Project Management Services – Education Facilities
Central Level Project Implementation Unit Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

2017 – 2023


To improve hygiene behaviors and encouraging effective community management of sanitation and water sources to reduce diseases like diarrheal disease, typhoid, malaria etc.