Regional Private Sector Development Contributing to Environmental Conservation (Green business)

OC Global provides high value-added services that make effective use of natural resources in developing countries. Furthermore, in addition to the promotion of regional industry development, we will accelerate green business that considers the environment and forest conservation.


Promoting the utilization of Sacha Inchi, a native Peru plant from the Amazon rainforest

Over 50% of Peru is covered with forest making Peru the second-largest area of tropical Amazon forest after Brazil. Despite the abundance of forestry, Peru is facing deforestation as a result of land conversion, illegal logging, expansion of urban areas, and poor forest management. To secure forest resources, agroforestry is being promoted in the region by afforestation and mixed planting with native Amazon species such as “Sacha Inchi”.

Sacha Inchi is a plant native to the Amazon region of Peru. Oil pressed from the seeds of Sacha Ichi is well-known for rich in high omega-3 fatty acid and anti-oxidant power. In recent years, Sacha Inchi oil has gained interest as healthy food making it becoming an export product. While its pomace which is by-product from oil pressing is rich in protein but has not yet widely recognized.

The pomace from Sacha Inchi has the potential to increase income to the local community through added value. With the short harvesting period, long shelf-life, and suitability for agroforestry, Sacha Inchi is expected to be a resource that achieves both sustainable forest management and improves local economic activities.


OC Global has utilized knowledge from Japan to promote sustainable forest management. We introduced Japan’s “fine powder processing technology” for processing the pomace. This technology makes it possible to utilize those pomaces in various ways, especially as a food ingredient. Together with the traditional Japanese seasoning, the Japanese miso, it is possible to develop a product that matches the tastes of Japanese people.
Our services are including:

・Example of recipes that use Sacha Inchi pomace powder as an ingredient, with combinations of traditional Japanese cooking methods and Peruvian traditional dish ideas. These recipes are anticipated to boost Sacha Inchi’s popularity and promote local economic activities.
・Japanese processing method would enhances the production of Sacha Inchi pomace powder. Pomace can be ground into a finer powder, allowing for more application.
・Propose a sustainable forest management strategy based on Japan’s experiences.




The new processing technology introduced from Japan creates value-added to the Sacha Inchi products. Advertisement and distribution of Sacha Inchi pomace powder would initiate sales and creates new application of Sacha Inchi such as food menus or the pomace powder. This will improve the livelihood of the local community.

It is expected that the demand for Sacha Inchi will increase which will provide intensive for the local community to efficiently utilize its product and promote agroforestry. As a result, sustainable forestry together with an economic promotion in local communities can be achieved.

Throughout this work, the following activities were carried out:
1) Sacha Inchi Okara domestic value chain survey in Peru
2) Market research on healthy foods in Japan related to Sacha Inchi Okara
3) Local applicability survey of “fine powder processing technology” (Japanese knowledge)
4) Product Prototype for Japan utilizing Sacha Inchi Okara
5) Organize and analyze additional information necessary to achieve Sustainable Development Goal

We will continue to develop products from Sacha Inchi for Japanese customers with the expectation to expand its market. The ultimate goal is to improve local production and provide an incentive for afforestation which will result in forest conservation.

Official Title
Survey on Demonstration of Utilizing Forest-related Knowledge in
Project Type
Study and Demonstration
Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center (JIFPRO)
Project Period

2021 – 2022

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

This project tackles deforestation by promoting the use of Sacha Inchi as a native plant for agroforestry. An innovative production process could efficiently utilize the use of Sacha Inchi and develop a value-added product that can create income for the local community.