Smart Communities

OC Global is a proponent of creating Smart Communities using technology that synergizes economic development and the environment. From collecting data and using information distribution systems to ease traffic jams in Manila, to building an efficient smart campus for a university in Indonesia, OC Global uses its multidisciplinary team of experts to benefit societies large and small.

Energy Management Systems (EMS) including Smart Grids / Information (Road Traffic and Disaster Prevention, etc.) Distribution Systems Utilizing Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting (ISDB-T) / Eco-Industrial Parks / Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems / Biomass Power Generation Systems / Electric Vehicles (EV)


As a comprehensive consultant with strong project experience and experts in diverse fields, OC Global looks to create through interdisciplinary work Smart Communities that take into consideration national and regional needs, the views of inhabitants, and economic, industrial, and environmental concerns.


In addition, through the accumulated knowledge and network resulting from several ODA projects, OC Global can support private sector businesses, public-private partnerships, inter-city cooperation projects, government-to-government (G-to-G) projects, and others.


Consulting Services

Service Types
• Master plan development
• Project formulation
• Feasibility studies
• Basic design
• Detailed design
• Financial analysis
• Operation and maintenance planning
• Human resource development plans
• Business plans
• Environmental impact assessments

Service Sectors
• Renewable energy (solar power generation, wind power generation, small hydroelectric power generation, waste power generation, biomass power generation, geothermal heat)
• Next-generation vehicles (electric vehicles, EV buses, hydrogen vehicles)
• Energy management (smart grids, CEMS, HEMS)
• Information distribution systems (traffic and weather information utilizing digital terrestrial television networks, disaster prevention information delivery)
• Eco-industrial parks (combined cycle power generation, FEMS, district cooling, water and sewage systems)
• Eco-houses, eco-buildings (zero-emissions buildings, energy-saving equipment and building materials)
• Water purification (small reclaimed water system)
• Integrated systems of the above sectors

Sector projects


Digital broadcasting standard used to help transmit road conditions.