Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Expansion Project

OC Global was mainly engaged to manage the civil engineering works including some building works and carry out the detailed design reviews and tender assistance.

Project Outline

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, handles nearly 75% of all domestic and international flights in Bangladesh and plays an important role as transportation infrastructure supporting the rapidly growing economic activity. However, the number of annual passengers of HSIA increased by 8% annually over the period from 2010 to 2019, and it was expected that the annual passengers of HSIA would exceed the airport capacity of 8 million annual passengers in 2020 and reach 20 million annual passengers in 2035. Also, the airport’s annual air cargo volume was expected to reach the annual air cargo capacity (approximately 420,000 tons) of the existing cargo terminal building by 2020.

The objective of the Project is to meet international standards of safety and security, and to provide sufficient facilities to cope with the future demand of air transportation at HSIA including construction of new passenger terminal (T3), cargo complex, rescue and firefighting facility, car parking building, apron, taxiways, elevated access road, and development of related infrastructure etc., thereby to support further economic growth of Bangladesh.


The project is comprised of the following components.


New passenger terminal Building (T3): 3 story building, floor area 230,000 m² (approx.), Capacity 12.0 mpa
Multi-level car parking with tunnel (passenger corridor to be connected to MRT station): Area 54,000 m² (approx.), 1200 nos parking
Import cargo complex: Area 27,000 m² (approx.), capacity- 2,73,470 tons/year
Export cargo complex: Area 36,000 m² (approx.), capacity- 5,46,941 tons/year
Rescue and fire fighting facilities


Parking apron: Terminal 3 Area 5,42,000 m² (approx), parking bays-35 bays (PBB-12 nos & Remote Bay- 23 nos)
Taxiways (108,000 m² ): Connecting taxiway work -12 nos, rapid exit taxiway work-1 (North), Rapid exit taxiway work-1 (South)
Landside service road
Elevated road
Drainage system


Water supply system
Sewage treatment plant: Area 3,000 m² (approx)
Intake power plant with distribution system: Area 7,000 m² (approx)
Hydrant fuel supply system
Communication system
Terminal equipment

OC Global was mainly engaged to manage the civil engineering works including some building works such as Multi-Level Car Parking and Tunnel (Passenger Corridor to be connected to MRT Station) and carry out the detailed design reviews and tender assistance. Then, OC Global has been providing the construction supervision services to be followed by defect notification services. The services are expected to be completed in the middle of 2025.


Many Japanese technologies have been applied for this project and the Passenger Terminal Building will become the PNG’s first showcase of Eco-Airport concept. Also, as the second largest international airport in PNG, Nadzab airport will be an alternate airport for Port Moresby International Airport.
With this project, it is highly expected that Nadzab airport will contribute to the enhancement of both domestic and international transportation network and the economic development of PNG.



Official Title
Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport Expansion Project
Project Type
Airport Construction
Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh / Yen loan
Project Period

2017 – Present

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)