Decongesting Jakarta

Jakarta’s first MRT will soon link the capital’s busiest business district to the south of the city.


Help Indonesia’s capital fight traffic congestion with Jakarta’s first mass rapid transit line

Roads in Jakarta grow at a rate of less than 1% a year while every day more than 1,000 new automobiles appear on city streets. According to a 2004 study, traffic in Central Jakarta will be completely gridlocked in 2020 if there is no improvement to the public transport infrastructure.

The MRT’s 23.3 km-long north-south corridor will connect Lebak Bulus in the south with Kampung Bandan in the north in two phases of development. Phase 1 covers 15.2 km of MRT line from Lebak Bulus to the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle (Bundaran HI) in the center of the city running along Sudirman Road. This first phase will provide a major boost to the city’s public transport capacity given the importance of connecting the residential suburbs of South Jakarta with the city’s central business district.


OC Global has participated in several contracts for the project, including development of the project management plan. We assisted the employer, Jakarta MRT (JMRT), in the tendering for construction packages and implemented a project control system and conducted public relations activities. OC Global is the lead member of the JMCMC consortium that has supervised construction of Phase 1, including civil and electrical and mechanical works, testing, commissioning, and trial runs, while supporting the employer through the defect liability period. In September 2017 a consortium led by OC Global was appointed as the detailed design consultant for the Phase 2 route from Bundaran HI to Kota.

OC Global also worked as part of a joint venture for consulting services to assist JMRT develop its readiness to operate the line. The service aims to build organizational management capacity, enhance profitability of the MRT business, and thereby secure the financial soundness and operational readiness of the operating company.


The construction of the MRT line from Lebak Bulus in South Jakarta to Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta kicked off in October 2013 and is scheduled to open for operations in February 2019.

Construction Supervision Services for Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit System Project
Urban Railway for MRT
Municipality of Jakarta

2013 – Present


The project improves road safety by providing safe, affordable, and sustainable transport systems for all. The new MRT lines would support the economic development and human well-being of Jakarta citizens.

“After 24 years of dreaming about having an MRT, finally Jakarta residents’ dream will come true,”
Jakarta Governor Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo (2013)